I Don’t Need You To Save Me, But I Would Like You To Go Get Me A Coffee NGL


So many girls are looking for someone to sweep them off their feet, to make their hearts race and to make them forget about anyone who hurt them in their past. Someone who makes their world stop and does all of this well-imagined, idealistic things that they’ve put at the top of their “standards” list for what a soulmate really is.

Someone, who essentially, will save them.

Well, I guess I’m not like other girls.

I don’t need to be swept off my feet, my heart-rate is honestly just fine. The only standards I’m currently worrying about involve my credit score and to be quite honest, my world doesn’t have time to stop because I have a lot to do.

I don’t need you to save me, I’m not in the business of needing to be saved.

But while we’re on the topic of my world, the feet sweeping, and my heart-rate that brings me to one simple question…

Could you like, go get me some coffee?

Like honestly, not looking to be saved. Just looking for a caffeine pick me up. I have a lot of work to do an a quad-shot americano would really hit the spot rn. I also haven’t been sleeping great and have been up every morning for the past 5 mornings at 6 AM when not even the seagulls outside of my apartment are awake, so some extra caffeine would really be appreciated at this moment in time when my Keruig isn’t doing the trick and I’m feeling like…ridiculously sluggish.

Look if #relationshipgoals are your thing and the idea of an all-encompasing love that makes you realize the love you deserve or whatever is¬†something you strive for, I’m not here to take that away from you. But what I am is tired, and what my thing is is cold brew addicted. So I don’t need all of that flowery stuff and all that poetry right now.

All I need is coffee. More coffee. All the coffee. So much coffee it could potentially kill me but I’m willing to take that risk.

So if you’re looking to save me, to change my world and make me believe in fate, destiny, and all that jazz, maybe another day.

Today, I would settle for a piping hot cup of coffee brought with no obligation of a venmo from you to me.

It might not change the world, and it might not change my perspective on life, love, and overlying happiness, but it would change my day significantly for the better.

So no, I don’t need you to sweep me off my feet and I don’t need to get butterflies every time I see you. I just need you to get me some coffee.

That would be saving my Wednesday. And that’s honestly enough for one day.