You Deserve A Nap


Hey, you.

I know things are tough today. Your boss just did his weird fake laugh and exacerbated your already looming headache. He is so loud. He’s always so LOUD. And why is he wearing that awful blue gingham shirt?? Does he realize that makes him look like a walking tablecloth?

After mustering up what little energy you naturally have, you make your way to the office Keurig only to discover an OUT OF ORDER sign slapped across it. Oh! Great! You almost made coffee this morning, but you overslept a little and were rushing to get out of the house. You figured you’d just fuel up on caffeine at work. NVM.

Your phone vibrates. Look down and see it’s an unsaved number.

“hey wyd tonite?”

It’s probably that creep you had one weird date with. This person is an adult. They can’t take two seconds to properly spell ‘tonight’? Hard pass.

There’s a Facebook notification with ~*~memories~*~. It’s a photo of you smiley and glowing hugging your ex five years ago. It’s sweet of Facebook to remind you.

You really need coffee.

It’s 2:34 pm. Lunch feels like a lifetime ago. How are you hungry again? Your stomach is literally growling.

Hey, remember that time when you weren’t exhausted? Me neither.

The good news, there’s a marvelous thing called your bed waiting for you.

It sits there, patiently, eager for your return.

I know things are tough today. Your head feels underwater and that mean girl from high school won’t stop posting her engagement photos (WE GET IT, HEATHER!), but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

You deserve a nap.

And baby? You’re gonna get that nap.

Just make it through.

Netflix and your pillow are expecting you.