I Don’t Want The Same Old Shit Again


I thought being single for a long time would prepare me to be strong when it comes to experiencing different degrees of pain in a relationship. Because as we all know, pain is a vital part when it comes to love.

You will never know how much you love someone if you haven’t experienced any pain because of them. We always thought that we’re capable of handling such pain.

Little did we forget how much it will cause us.

We tend to always settle for less. Settling for something sad because we always thought it was alright to get hurt by someone we love. Like, it’s alright to sleep crying alone after you and him fought. It’s alright to wake up the next day, feeling so down and unmotivated. It’s alright to just forget what happened after hearing them say, I’m sorry. Then the cycle goes on and repeat.

Yes, we choose who will hurt us but we can always choose to be happy instead; because that is what we all deserve.

We deserve to be happy because happiness is a choice, right? So start choosing happiness by telling them:

“Stop apologizing if you’re not willing to stay and fight for us. I don’t want the same old shit again.”

Yes, a simple message like that can change your shitty situation in a way you never thought will happen. Rejection can sometimes help us see what we really need to accept in our lives.

Accept to choose yourself more. Accept to choose happiness, because only you can do that to yourself; only you can give that kind of serenity within yourself.

Just remember, you don’t owe anyone anything. Rather, you owe yourself the love and happiness God wants you to give to yourself. You don’t need to stay if it doesn’t work out or if it’s tearing you apart.

You are more than those apologies they always tell you. Because you deserve to be treated with so much love instead of too many apologies.

Believe me, you deserve it.