I Drown Out Thoughts Of You In Summer


When I wake up in summer
I feel dry heat,
Like sweet breath,
Brushing my skin.

I crave the freedom that comes
With the sun’s drunken glare
And the sharpness
Of salt water.

In summer,
I am reborn.

With the kind of wings
And dreams
And courage
That defy the odds.

The kind that proves that
Anything is possible.

The average becomes scintillating,
Honey dotted on collarbones.

And the extraordinary
Becomes intoxicating
Swollen lips and chardonnay.

Ribbons of roses
Lace through the piercings in my ears
And through the braids in my hair.

The beating of butterfly wings
Echoes in my ears–
Like cool water,
They drown out thoughts
Of you.