I Got A Popsocket So Now I Finally Know What It Feels Live My Best Life


I’m so so so not trying to brag, but I got an iPhone X this weekend.

And I also don’t want to brag, but I haven’t broken it yet.

My history with iPhones breaking is…well, it’s testy. I lost my first iPhone—the pink 5c—the first day I got it. Once I was just standing still and my beautiful, sleek, iPhone 6s slipped out of my hand while I listened to Robyn and yanked both of my earbuds out of my ears before smashing on the sidewalk. Once Katie smashed my phone on a sidewalk in Greenpoint—she told me she would Venmo me a million dollars which I’m still waiting on. I shattered the replacement screen a week later while I tried to balance my phone on top of some delivery I was carrying into my apartment. Then this last phone, my trusty iPhone 7, was broken when my dog yanked my arm enthusiastically to go sniff a tree and like Humpty-Dumpty that iPhone 7 had a great fall.

So given my track record, you’d think I would have shattered this very expensive, very shatter-able phone by now, right?

Well that’s where you’d be wrong.

And that’s because not only did I get EVERY case and screen protector possible, but I also decided it was finally time for me to lean into my desire to be a cool, trendy, hip teen.

Which is why now firmly planted on the back of my phone is a beautiful, black matte marble popsocket.

What does a popsocket do, you ask? Well first off wow you must be ANCIENT if you’ve never heard of popsockets. Like truly elderly. Anyway. A popsocket is a little thing you stick onto the back of your phone and it expands to make it easier to hold your phone, or it acts like a little stand.

And, again, NOT TO BRAG, but now I have one.

Do I constantly pop it in and out in and out in and out like some sort of annoying, fidgeting, ADHD person? 100%. Am I also obsessed with it? Again, 100%.

I think it’s very clear I’m just becoming my best self. And my best self wears Vans, would likely have been an aspiring Viner, and is really into her marble popsocket. I finally feel evolved. I finally feel cool. I finally feel like I am my best me.

Or maybe this is just 400 words to let you know that I have an iPhone X. You’ll never know. :]