This Is Why She Stopped Replying Back To You


She stopped replying back to you because she is over your games. She is over your tricks. She is over getting played by you, you who doesn’t give a damn about her well being.

She stopped replying back to you because she realized that she was nothing to you. She realized that you didn’t really care. And you never did. 

She stopped replying back to you because you wanted her body. You wanted the sex. You wanted the instant gratification after midnight when the loneliness began to sting your heart. You just wanted somebody. But you didn’t want her.

She stopped answering your text that you send at 3 am. Because you didn’t want to talk to her. You didn’t want to laugh with her. You didn’t want to get to know one another. You just wanted to do the deed, and leave.

You didn’t want to kiss her sweetly. You didn’t want to hug her close. You didn’t want to stay with her. You just wanted to own her body. You just wanted her to be one of your girls. Just like anyone else.

You never wanted to love her. You never even liked her.

And you were so good at lying in the beginning. You were so good at fooling her. At making it seem like you could have liked her. At making it seem like you were truly interested.

But you weren’t interested in her heart. You weren’t interested in her interests, her hobbies and in her world. You just wanted something for yourself. You just wanted something to do. Someone to do. When you felt most vulnerable. When you felt most alone.

And she came to the realization that she was better off without you. She had to finally come to the realization that were a toxic human being and all you did was make her feel worse about herself. She came to the realization that you were nothing. And that she was something.

So she stopped picking up your calls. She stopped responding to your drunken and ‘I’m sorry’ texts. Because she finally knew that she could move on with her life without you. She finally knew that she did not need you. And she never really did.

But you needed her, didn’t you?

And now you expect her to crawl back. You expect her to run towards you. You expect her to say yes. You expect her to pick up every single call. Sorry to break it to you but honey, you’ve been fooled.

She is a better person than you will ever be in this lifetime.