I Hope You Always Remember The Best Of You


In a society that constantly tells us who we should be, please don’t forget who you are. Don’t forget the times when you’ve put a smile on someone’s face. When you’ve told a joke that made them laugh out loud, or simply complimented them on how their dreads made them look badass. Don’t forget the moments you’ve influenced people, not only with your words but by your actions. I hope you remember when you’ve loved with all of your heart, dreamt with all of your might, and lived to the best of your abilities.

I need you to remember how the actions you take, speak volumes on your character. Please don’t forget about the hopes and dreams you have, on changing the world one small act of kindness at a time. Don’t forget how your existence has changed more lives than you can count; your perseverance alone has guided more people to the places they’re meant to be in.

Remember how your spirit and soul have given enough inspiration to those who needed it the most.

I hope you know your inner beauty will always transcend your outer beauty more times than you can count. I need you to remember everything that awakens your soul and the times when the world has proven you wrong- in its pursuit of redeeming humanity.

You may not be living the life you’ve imagined, you may be stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, or you might be finding yourself becoming emotionally exhausted more times than you can count. You may consider yourself as someone who’s easily influenced, but I hope you remember that changing the thoughts you have toward a situation is as powerful as doing something about it.

Everything that has happened in your life has been carefully placed by the universe in order to prepare you for the things you have asked for.

Please don’t forget about the things that make you happy, the moments you look forward to, and the people who love you wholeheartedly. Remember the life you have yet to live, the one you’ve dreamt to have for a very long time, don’t let yourself down.

Don’t forget that you are a fighter.

How you’ve fought relentlessly to have the good things in your life. Don’t forget the strength you’ve gained within the obstacles you’ve overcome. Keep the past in the past, as its lingering thoughts will always be irrelevant to your most present of moments. Don’t forget how tenacious you can be, how much you can persevere through, and the level of optimism you show within your darkest of hours. Please don’t ever think to give in to the worst of any situation will ever make it right.

Lastly, I need you to close your eyes for one second. I need you to imagine yourself the happiest you’ve ever been. Now tell me, why are you so full of joy right now? What do you think has happened that’s made you smile up to the crinkles of your eyes?

Whatever it is, I need you to open your eyes now, because you need to see how everything begins in your mind. How your thoughts are the most powerful creators of everything you desire; whatever you believe, is what you will act upon.

Take care of your thoughts, your life depends on it.