I Love You But I Don’t Own You


I hope I will never be enough for you, not enough to fill your whole world but that doesn’t mean I love you any less than Romeo loved Juliet.

I decided to be your other half not because I feel lacking or I feel empty. I loved you when I was whole, when the love I have in my heart was too much to contain that I had to share it, and I chose to share it with you.

You are far more precious than just being a filler to someone’s empty life. I am already complete when I met you and I hope you were when you met me.

I don’t want you to fight the battles my emptiness could have led us. I don’t want you to detach from yourself, from what you want to do, from your family and friends. You are not my property.

I love the things you’re passionate about because it makes you, you. I will never stop the great things that’s about to happen to your life. I am here to nurture and protect you, not to steal you from anybody else, not even snatch you from your choices. I don’t want to see you easily broken when we have our bad days.

Yes, there will always be pain to a love that’s persevering but it will be a tool for us to be stronger, not to change you for the worst. I don’t want you to be too anxious thinking of ways to please me. You please me just the way you are. I don’t want you to forget about your plans in life because you have me. I want you to be more determined to be someone you have aspired to become because you love me.

I don’t want you to leave your friends because you’re too busy with me. I want us to be spending time with them because they love you too. And everyone who loves you, I will love in return. You will be known as who you chose to be in this life, a beautiful individual, never an accessory. So if you are wondering why I want you to ditch our dates and go with your sister instead, or move our anniversary dinner at another time so you can comfort a friend, or move our plans so you could spend time with your family, it’s not because I’m not interested with you. It’s because you are not mine and you will not stop growing just because we are together.

Love should never stop who we are destined to be. Our love should help take us to our dreams and encourage us to keep dreaming. So I hope I will not be enough for you, not enough to stop you from dreaming, not enough to stop you from blooming and not enough for your world to stop turning.