To The Love Of My Life Who Will Never Be Mine


Our love was a losing battle at the beginning. We knew we were heading towards the cliff and yet, we always chose to live in the moment than to think of the days ahead. It was a spark when I met you that eventually started a fire that consumed us and everything outside of us. I’m sorry if I didn’t put it out when I can. I’m sorry if I didn’t let you put out the fire when you were ready to let go of me. We never came to a point that we agreed to end things between us.

One of us was always strong when the other was weak. One was always holding on when the other was letting go.

You were always hard to deal with, stubborn most of the time, but I learned to love that about you. I loved you at your best and loved you more at your worst, as what you have shown me too. And though they hate the beasts in you, know that I love each of them in all forms of sincerity. Thank you for the love that was never dull. For the new things we learned and unlearned together. The songs we sing together. The food we so love to eat. The jokes that we laugh hysterically at. The way we finish each others’ sentences and even the silence we share when sitting next to each other is more than enough.

So cheers to the unknown after we burned the bridges between us.

I’m now at the other side, painfully looking at you from a distance but relieved at the thought that we breathe the same air. And though the end of us is for the best, you will always be the love of my life.

And it will forever break my heart that I had to lose you while loving you so much.