I Loved You Enough To Let You Go


I’ve always been reminded that you cannot give something you do not have. The same goes for love. I have fallen in love before and it felt like pure bliss to be loved. With that love, I felt complete. So when I lost that love, I was shattered to a million pieces. It took me 2 years to put myself back together, more than double the time I spent in that relationship.

So I told myself that before I love again, I should be full of love. The kind of love no one can take away, the kind of love that I would not need to subtract from myself to give to another, the kind of love that I would not have to divide among people. So for years, I filled and fashioned myself with the kind of love that can only be multiplied.

I loved myself enough that I was able to radiate and share that love with others. I loved myself enough to know how I can make others feel loved. I loved myself enough to be able to show people that, indeed, pain is essential to growth. I also loved myself enough to know when to let go.

Sadly, we didn’t have the same love. You loved me to the point of emptying your cup. Somewhere along the way, you got too exhausted to continue loving me. I cannot blame you, I’m not the easiest person to love; it was difficult to be with me. We were so limited, restricted, and the burden of moving forward was just too much to bear.

It pains me to say goodbye, my heart aches to see you go. No can tell for sure if I will ever stop loving you. But I love myself enough to know that I deserve a love that is whole, one that looks past our imperfections because our love for each other is still greater. Now is the time to bid good bye to a love that once was…

Or is it? Well, you see, my kind of love does not stop loving. I just find new ways to love those I’ve lost. I love them enough to be happy when they are, even if it’s not with me. I love them enough to keep them in my prayers and to wish them well. I love them enough to cherish the memories we’ve shared as it is part and parcel of who I am. So, to those I have loved, lost, and still kept on loving, thank you for the love.