I May Not Be Good At Modern Dating But I Know I Can Love With My Whole Heart


Modern dating these days can mean a lot. Most often than not, it’s even hard to tell if you two are really dating or just playing around. They give you all the love this day only to leave you dumbfounded the next expecting you to accept it as easy as that. They make you feel hints of love just to keep you near but doesn’t give away anything more than that. Sometimes, they even return after weeks or months of not talking or leaving like nothing ever happened. Worst, finding out that you are not the only person on the list.

It isn’t our fault we were born in this age where we experience all kinds of modern dating. It isn’t our fault that we all just want to be loved and so we never stop trying. But modern dating is just as complicated as it is. It can be straight-forward or confusing. It can be easy, but most of the time, difficult to achieve and maintain. Sometimes, we fall too deep we can’t even see all the red warnings. It is all about the catch and release when all that we ever wanted is to cut the chase and settle with the person we desire the most.

So when you came, I felt afraid for all the possible reasons I can enumerate. I asked myself, not just once but a thousand times if I should or I can let you inside my life. I felt afraid because even though this is the kind of love I wished for—unexpected and surreal—I still doubted the chance to be happy for it all happened as well before only to leave me broken in the end.

But you, my dear, made me remember all the good things that love has to offer. You made me want to get into the boat and trust the waters one more time instead of keeping my feet rooted on the sand.

You see, I’m not good at modern dating but I know I can love with my whole heart. I will love you in the good and in the bad. When you feel down, I will pull you up. when you feel like nothing is going your way, I will be there to walk with you and create our own. When you think there is no longer any point to go on, I will be there to hold your hand and we’ll try again together. You’ll never be alone.

I am not perfect, neither the best person out there. There will be times I will hurt you, but remember that I will never hurt you intentionally. I will be annoying at times but I will never break your heart.

Instead, I will be the sun that will light up the moon inside you. Modern dating gives us all the reason to leave when things seem to be falling apart but I will love you with all the reasons I have to stay. I will love you more and all the flaws and mess together. I will love you more when things are difficult, when things are not perfect, and when you and I are in our lowest. I will love you more no matter how broken I feel. I will love you with all my heart because the moment I decided to do so, it also meant choosing to love you even when I have all the reasons not to.

Remember that not only am I going to watch the sunshine with you, but we’re going to dance under the rain as well.

You’ll never be alone, my love. Because I will love you with all my heart.