I Never Chose The Role I Ended Up Being In His Story


We all play a part in someone’s story. Good or evil in the background of someone’s life. We play these characters, as they play ours.

Our failed attempts at love play pivotal roles in our story before finding the one we end up with happily in the end. Mistakes and the wrong ones teach us what we want, but more importantly, what we deserve. We let dating apps become our wingman to find love quickly.

That is how dating is now apparently. You say the right things, make them feel wanted, invite them over out of a whim and drop off the face of the earth the next morning.

I am the character in his story that came over just to talk. That ended up sleeping over the covers, gravitating towards him at night for warmth. A minor character that is stuck in her head and feels way too much. That bailed after sleeping over that next morning and felt bad.

The character that wanted so badly to see him again and feel wanted. The one that was looking for more than just a few fun nights of later mistakes, while he was looking for just that. No feelings involved and the word “friend” nixed from the vocabulary. A little fun on the side of a work filled summer in a state far away from home.

The character to him that was only ever going to be a summer fling. Lost and deleted by the start of fall and on the way back home, nothing more. A fun little distraction that got played. The one that fell for his words. Who he inevitably ignored before she became a story he would tell his friends a few months down the road.

A character I did not want to be but became.