This Is What It Means To Be At The Age Of The In-Between


That age in our lives between being dumb, but knowing what you are doing is reckless. Where meeting new people can turn into a lifetime of memories, or bad nights we hide away underneath all the pile of dust in our brains.

The age of in-between is a weird place. It is the early-20s where society wants us to have everything figured out, when really we have nothing figured out. Not even ourselves. When wanting something fleeting turns into wanting something serious and long-term. Wanting something tangible but wanting to feel… well wanted, so we use the dating apps to fill that void of loneliness.

The age of the in-between is making mistakes, getting heartbroken and falling in love over and over again. But hiding parts of your heart to not damage you so much to the point of return. The age where all our friends are scattered around the globe finding their own path. Where watching them go for their dreams inspires you to think about what you want and who you want to be. An age of realizing that behind every setback, they are there to push you into your own path as well.

Still young enough to know you can still reach for the stars but understanding the long road ahead. Every decision, all the years and tears staining your pillow in the middle of the night will take to get to that point.

The in-between of an adult and child. Wishing by some miracle we can take a time machine and head back to the first day of college four years ago. Looking back at each event that leads to the friends and memories that made a lifetime of impressions and laughs. While also looking forward into a time of the unknown, where nothing is planned or figured out quite yet. Too shiny and new compared to the experience but hungry for any opportunity flown our way.

The age of the in-between is one of the scariest but most eye-opening parts of our lives.