I Think I Wasn’t Meant To Be In This Modern Generation


I look around and see the kids I’m growing up with and I know I’m not meant for this generation.

Disrespect of self and others is at an all-time high. Morals are disregarded like last weeks trash. I hold myself and my future to a standard that seems so rare.

I’m the generation of holding doors open for others, walking through the supermarket you would never know that. Strolling through the isles you’re bound to hear a horror story fueled by those of my class. We are constantly thrown into the same category, a file I don’t want my name on.

I’m the generation of believing in true love. We are living in a time of turning our heads to love and looking towards the next hookup. Instead of high school sweethearts we have high school heartbreak.

We are feeding a mindset that having no heart is the best way, that’s not a path I want to be part of.

I’m the generation of lending a helping hand. It’s the little things that count. Acts of volunteer go over the heads of my generation. My classmates rather pick up drugs then a student’s fallen materials. I live in the generation of not having enough time to slow for pedestrians.

My generation doesn’t have time for each other unless it involves a quick text.

I’m the generation of quality time spent. The generation I’m living through is interested in none other than knocking a beer back and girls getting knocked up. The farthest most of my classmates see in their future is the next party they will attend.

I can’t picture a day I will be more interested in the latest hookup or the latest knock up rather than my future, I like it better this way.

I’m the generation of having a big heart. I genuinely care for others, something my classmates don’t see value in. Many seem too busy to lend a listening ear, they’ll regret it later. If there were more who openly cared, there’d be more willing to be open. 

We live in a gated community, but the gates are surrounding our hearts and minds. It shouldn’t be this way.