This Is How A Family-Oriented Girl Loves Differently


Naturally, a family-oriented girl will come from a large family. It’s all they’ve ever known, and they wouldn’t want to know any other way.

Being a family-oriented girl comes with its fair share of challenges. Most notably, a big heart. “Sharing is caring”, right? It’s not always easy, and the world isn’t always warm but you manage.

If you cross paths with this girl don’t miss out because you’re scared. Take the jump. She might just be the one to teach you how to swim.

She’s the girl that knows all too well that life gets messy. Do not take for granted her level of understanding, you don’t find that in everyone.

She doesn’t accept excuses, but second chances are not hard to come by.

She won’t stress over minor fights, because she knows it happens when you care deeply about someone. With more siblings than she can count on one hand, it’s a fact of living that you fight and make up.

Without a doubt she excels when it comes to parents, but acceptance is still important to her. She’ll care about you to the point of refusing to come in between you and your parents. It’ll be a deal breaker if your parents do not approve.

With so many in her corner she knows how crucial it is to have a stable support system. Her loyalty extends far beyond the good times. If one day the two of you aren’t on the same page and you’ve come to a fork in the road, she’ll still be rooting for you from afar.

Your family will become her own, and she will be grateful beyond the joy in her heart. Spending time with people that love you like she does gives a whole new perspective towards the boy she loves.

Your siblings become her siblings. If her chapter comes to an end in your life, she won’t be able to leave the girls behind. She’ll end things on good terms with you, for the sake of them and their lack of understanding the world. She came for you, but she’ll stay for their innocence.

Although she’s always been the family girl, she’s never been the big sister. She’ll never be able to show her gratitude to you for giving her the chance. Bedtime stories have quickly become the most important part of her night.

Growing up in a big family, you adapt by growing thick skin. She will never be the doormat you’re used to, and she won’t apologize for it. It’ll catch you off guard at first, but you’ll grow to respect her and that’s all she’s after.

Accountability is an important part of where she comes from, she will call you on your bullshit. Remain calm, I promise you will grow from it. You’ll thank her later.

Adapting is second nature to her, she will be what you need on any given day. She may even know what you need before you do, it’ll take some getting used to.

She has a heart that only caregivers know, do not hold it against her. She is not ashamed of the love she has to give, don’t give her a reason to second guess such a rare trait.

Chances are you don’t deserve everything she has to offer, but if a heart like hers comes along don’t miss an opportunity you very well could never see again.

If she allows you a hand at her own game, just know she’s not one to waste time. There’s a reason for everything she does, and only time will tell.

She believes in the parts of you that haven’t revealed themselves yet. Coming from a big family, you aren’t the first “work in progress” she’s seen. She’s not easily scared off, but she will not stay somewhere she isn’t wanted.

The family-oriented girl will love you with her whole heart, she doesn’t give up on the people she loves. She will forgive almost anything, but forgetting her is the harder part.