I Want To Love You In All The Places Others Have Not Loved You


Your fears, your anxieties, bring them all to me. I want to love you in all the places others have not loved you in. I want to hear your secrets, the stories that make you so beautifully flawed and human. I want to hear the poetry in the storm you carry so gracefully within you, trying so hard to protect the ones you love from it. I want to love you for those things, the things you are afraid to show other people. I want to show you how you are worthy of being loved as a whole.

Those things that make you vulnerable, share them with me and I will listen without judgement. Tell me your biggest regrets, tell me your biggest truths. Tell me what keeps you up at night and the things you hide away for fear of being judged by others.

I want to love you, really love you and show you how much affection you truly deserve.

You see, we all make mistakes. We all have parts of us that are broken, and that we fear showing others. We all wear certain secrets with shame. But those things are a part of what makes us who we are, and who we are, who we all are, are beings deserving of love.

So let me love you, but let me love you right. Bring me your tired body. Bring me your soft heart. Bring me everything that makes your heart quiver and your mind tense. Let me kiss these broken shards of you and let them know that they are loved too. Let me give you the kind of confidence you have always craved in a relationship by loving every single bit of you.