Will Someone Please Take Away Trump’s Phone Before He Starts WWIII


Earlier this week, Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea and called its leader the “rocket man” at his UN debut as president. When North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un responded that Trump was  a “dotard” and a “frightened dog”, Trump, well, freaked out. And not just in a private room like a normal-ass person, but in the most public room in the world: Twitter.

Um, okay, Trump. Can you not do this right now? I’m all about protecting our country, but I’m NOT about taunting the people who want to completely demolish us.

It kind of makes me wonder: why the hell hasn’t someone taken Trump’s phone away yet???

This certainly isn’t the first time (or the last time) that Trump’s tweets got him in trouble. He’s notorious for posting things that are controversial, whether about foreign affairs (most notably North Korea and Russia) or about domestic controversies (I’m sorry, but the RT of the gif showing Hillary Clinton getting hit by a golfball WASN’T FUNNY). His incessant tweeting doesn’t feel “relatable” — it feels unprofessional and, quite frankly, terrifying.

Maybe this is because our last president’s personal social media pages were virtually abandoned after he took office — when Obama stepped up as the leader of our country, he did so in all aspects of his life, using Twitter as a way to convey his policies and statements via his official account. Trump hardly touches his professional account in favor of his personal one, and he doesn’t seem to believe in filters. Within moments of thinking something, his thoughts are already broadcasted across the world.

Something about that is so terrifying to me. Maybe it’s partially because Trump’s thoughts themselves sort of scare me, but it’s also because that means his statements aren’t being approved by anyone before they’re sent off, stamped with his seal of approval. Hell, he probably doesn’t even give his rash statements a second thought. What Trump tweets doesn’t represent what his country thinks, but what he and he alone believes. The problem is, since he’s President of the United States, we’re all attached to his sentiments. Whatever shit he causes, he’s taking us all down with him.

Honestly, I’m not asking for much. I’m not asking for a new President (but boy, would I like one!), I’m not asking for political upheaval (though that could be cool). All I want is for someone to take his damn phone away before he does something truly stupid and the rest of us have to pay for it.

PS — Why are you still tweeting about Hillary Clinton, Trump? Get tf over it.