I Went To One Of Those Extreme Haunted Houses, But Something Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong


I was never much for Halloween mazes; there were a lot better ways I could think of to spend 35 dollars. I guess I never saw the point knowing it’s not real and all. I mean really, how scary can a bunch of actors and smoke machines really be? Steve though…he was so amped to go, I just couldn’t tell him no.

“Alright, we’re here.” said Jade.

“Remember.” said Tanya, lined up to get in. “Stay close to each other so that we don’t get separated this time.”

“What do you mean this time?” I said. “Separated?”

“Yeah.” Tanya looked back and said. “It gets crazy inside the mazes.“

I didn’t take her too seriously… It was only a silly Halloween maze after all.

The line attendant started to make an announcement which broke my train of thought, “Please get your IDs ready so we can get the waivers signed and let you be on your way!”

“Why do we need waivers?” I said.

“So the actors can touch us!” said Steve, before the line attendant could open her mouth to speak.

“And we want that why?” I looked at Steve, then the rest of the group, who also seemed all for the idea.

“It brings the whole being-chased-by-a-killer feeling to life.” Said Tanya.

“Okay…” I said louder than I intended.

“Alright! Time to be scared to death!” Said Steve