If The GOP’s Healthcare Bill Is Passed, Sexual Assault Will Be Considered A ‘Pre-Existing Condition’


The GOP has never been known for being particularly woman-friendly, but they’re taking another step to prove just how little they truly care by revealing their new healthcare bill, which comes with a nice little twist.

The American Health Care Act (or AHCA, which I read in my head as “AHHHHHHCK, WHAT DID WE DO?!?”) includes a long list of pre-existing conditions that could compromise your healthcare. One of those conditions? Rape.

That’s right. If you’ve ever sought medical attention for sexual assault, finding healthcare coverage might be trickier than you expected.

Supposedly this is because women and men who have been raped are at risk for anxiety, depression and PTSD (gee, I wonder why), but it still feels like a pretty straightforward attack on the victim. What was already a traumatic experience would continue to make things difficult for them for the rest of their lives.

Not only is this problematic for those who have already reported rape, but it will also affect those who are sexually assaulted in the future, as it may make them less likely to take action against their aggressors in fear of losing their healthcare.

So yeah, that’s something to look forward if AHCA is implemented. While it narrowly passed in the House, the Senate still has to vote on it. So cross your fingers, say your prayers and hope to God you won’t become one of the unlucky ones that could potentially lose their healthcare.

But don’t worry, the government swears they still care about you, women!!! They just don’t want to waste their money on you.