Time Passes Away But Our Words Linger On


I have all our memories for safekeeping
I preserve our moments in writing;
they will not wither away with age,
they will be immortal.

I grab all our milestones;
our first steps, our first imprints on our path.
I savor our birthdays, our holidays, our highlights
I recognize the small intricacies that comprise our smiles.

I save our loves
I save our sense of wonderment;
I’m able to see the world in color
Our purpose is saturated in bright light.

I remember our pain
because, sometimes, life has erratic curves and sharp edges
The crazy fact about life, though, is that we do not have
to keep bleeding for too long.

I’m the scribe for our past
I’m the historian for our archives;
our pristine notes, our messy drawings outside the lines.
I write for us, Time.

Because Time, you are always moving,
always ticking.
Time, you cannot be here, with me, forever
You, my dear friend, will inevitably fade.

Time, you sweet, sweet thing,
please live on,
please dwell in my words.