If You Can’t Find Him, Read This


Have you ever had a day when you weren’t sure He was near?

Reaching out to God feels like hearing that a guy likes you and wants to get to know you, but doesn’t make an effort to do so. You sit in a corner, wondering what you did wrong.

The truth is, God is there, but we can’t command Him to show up in the ways that we expect. 


God allows us to have bad days to discipline us, but that doesn’t mean He is actually punishing us. He only wants us to get better and in each bad day that we go through, God gives us a new lesson to learn. Maybe He just wants us to learn to trust Him to bring us through a bad day, right?

God loves us, and this is why He lets us go through bad days. He wants us to grow into beautiful people because His love for us makes us grow and we become filled with blessings – blessings like being loving and compassionate to others. God gives these to us through our bad days.

It is God who is placing that desire in our hearts to get to know Him and trust Him – and we are longing to know Him because He wants us to, so just let things be because He is with us.


We do not find Him, we seek Him and it’s completely normal to feel discouraged sometimes, but that shouldn’t stop you from believing that God is there. Just seek Him; and you will be able to forget all your difficulties and be grateful for your longing one day.