This Is How You Visualise Your Future Lover


Dear future lover,

I know you’re out there somewhere. I don’t know where though. Maybe we don’t even live in the same time zones. But it gives me some sort of solace to know that somewhere around the world you’re there. Existing. Maybe you’re already with someone you love right now or maybe you’re just as lonely as I am. But I wonder, do you think of me too? Do your 2 A.M thoughts drift off to me as well?

I really wish you were here by my side right now. Its nights like these, days like these that I wish deeply that you were here with me. Holding me. Laughing with me. Fuck everything else, just hold me. Be there for me. But maybe we’re just not yet ready to meet each other. Maybe you and I have lots to work on ourselves and find ourselves before we cross paths. Maybe God wants us to become best versions of ourselves before he introduces me to you. Although the waiting is the most difficult part,I am ready to do it because I have an unshakable faith. I trust in the Lord and I know he has something beautiful planned for me. And you’ll be the result of that plan. I really hope you’re doing well and that you’re happy. I hope you are working towards your goals and dreams.

I think of you a lot more than often. I think of you when I watch my overly romantic favourites and I can’t help but dream about how it’ll be when we meet. I think of you when I am listening to my favourite music and I can’t help but wait to dance to it with you. I think of you when I see a couple and can’t help but think about how we’ll be around each other. I think of you when I sit in church and I can’t help but pray for you.

Here’s what’s going to happen when we get together. It’s going to be magical. I promise you that. You’re going to experience the kind of love you’ve never experienced before. It’s going to be vulnerable, it’s going to be honest and moreover it’s going to be true. A love that stays. It’ll be the kind of love that moves you to tears yet fills you with genuine happiness. I don’t want a mediocre kind of love, nor do I want a 21st century kind of love. I want the beauty of old school love. I want the kind of love that consumes me and fills every empty space of my life. I want all of it. When we meet there will be an explosion between two stars somewhere in the universe. And then fate and destiny will finally make sense.

I promise to love you. I promise to love you on our good days as well as on our bad days. I promise you that even if we’re going through a rough day, we’ll try and not kill each other. I promise to hold you when you’re breaking down. You don’t have to shy away from me. I promise to be there at all times when you’re upset. I also promise to be there when things are going great. I promise to give you a hug and celebrate with you. I’ll be there for you through thick and thin. I promise to keep all your secrets safe with me. I promise to know all your flaws and still love you because baby even I am as flawed as you are. I promise to support your dreams and passions. I promise to be your strength and pillar of support. Consider me as your rock. I promise to hold your hand and be your guidance. I promise that even if your world is falling apart and nothing makes sense , I’ll always be there. You’ll always have me. I promise that I’ll do everything in this world to make you happy. I promise to fight for you. I promise to be your best friend.

Lastly I promise that I’ll eventually find you. We’ll find each other. Someday.

Until then.