If You Want Her, Tell Her


Tell her how you feel about her. Ask her on an official date. Wear the cologne you know she loves. Put in effort instead of assuming she will like you more if you lead her on for a little while.

Don’t make her question how you feel about her. Don’t make her wonder whether she can trust you, whether you are worth the risk, whether you will break her heart open in the end. Make it clear you would never hurt her.

Stop playing games because you think that is what you are supposed to do. Stop casually asking her if she is available over the weekend to ‘hang out’. Stop making it seem like you don’t care whether you see her or have to go another week without her. Stop holding yourself back out of fear of rejection.

Say what you mean. If you think she looks good that day, tell her. If you think she is hilarious, tell her. If you want to date her, tell her. Don’t keep your opinions bottled up inside. Give her compliments. Speak the truth.

If you want her, you have to let her know, because she has no idea what your mixed signals mean. She isn’t sure whether you are actually interested in her or whether you are only flirting for fun. She doesn’t want to guess wrong and get her heart broken.

Even if you think you are being obvious, chances are she has no clue what is running through your mind, she has no clue what you want from her.

Answer her unasked questions. Tell her she looks pretty. Tell her you have fun talking to her. Tell her you want her to become your official girlfriend.

Don’t leave your feelings unspoken. Don’t let any confusion exist, because if she thinks you are only half-interested then she is going to assume you are not good enough for her. She wants someone who is 100% ready to commit to her. Someone who would never screw her over.

That is why you have to be brave. Look her in the eyes and tell her how you feel. She will appreciate your honesty. It will be a refreshing break from all of the boys in her past who played hard to get and refused to open up about their feelings.

She doesn’t want another almost relationship. She wants to know where you stand from the start, so stop dropping such subtle hints that she will never pick them up. Stop thinking ignoring her makes you look cool or more desirable. It only makes you look like an asshole.

Be the guy who tells the truth, even when it could end in embarrassment. The guy who is unafraid of expressing his deepest feelings, because he would rather be upfront than a liar. The guy who she knows she can trust because you were transparent with her all along.

If you want her, make sure she knows, because she might feel the same exact way.