The 20 Most Terrifying Things That Actually Exist In Real Life


Found on Ask Reddit

1. Epidermolysis Bullosa

Epidermolysis Bullosa. An excruciatingly painful skin disorder. Basically your skin is falling off of you and rips and tears easily.

— thrownrather

2. Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Not being able to remember anyone including your children or loved ones. It is horrifying to think about.

— the_human_dildo

3. The Suicide Plant

The “Suicide Plant”

Its a plant, doesnt seem so bad

The recommended treatment for skin exposed to the hairs is to apply diluted hydrochloric acid

you know why its nicknamed the suicide plant?

silica-tipped hairs to penetrate the skin. The hairs cause an extremely painful stinging sensation that can last anywhere from days to years,

thats why, pain for days up to years

this is a plant you dont wanna be anywhere near.

— J123uk

4. The botfly

The botfly. It lays eggs under your skin and the larvae squirm and move around under your skin until they hatch. Yuck. It makes my skin crawl thinking about it.

— michonne_impossible

5. Naegleria fowleri

Naegleria fowleri. An amoeba found in warm water, if it gets up your nose or otherwise finds its way into your brain … you’re dead:

Less than 1% of people with naegleriasis survive

And you’re not going to die peacefully. You’ll have a high fever, hallucinations, and intense pain which painkillers won’t work on (as the pain is coming from inside your brain).

— _Hopped_

6. Giant Asian Hornets

These motherfuckers, the Giant Asian Hornets. They kill 40 people a year. One of them can kill upwards of 50 honeybee a minute and they attack in groups taking out entire hives in less than an hour.

If you get stung once, you’re in for some excruciating pain, for two or three stings you are advised to seek immediate medical attention. More than ten stings you’ll die a very painful death.

— ayeiamthefantasyguy

7. Disease-carrying mosquitoes

Disease-carrying mosquitoes and other insects.

The mere fact that they can carry deadly diseases and transmit them to you is horrifying to me.

— madism

8. Aneurysms

You might feel 100% fine, have an aneurysm give out and be dead before you finish reading this comment.

— BruthaMouzone

9. ALS


My mother got diagnosed two months ago. Since then she lost the ability to walk, talk and eat. All in a span of six months of weird symptoms.

She’ll probably wont live another month.

So much that has to be researched with this hideous disease. So when you see someone raising money for research, please give.

— NoHoneyIchewBees

10. The Open Ocean

The Open Ocean.

Hundreds of feet deep, with nothing but water, darkness below, and the terrifying thought that something is going to catch you.

Even worse, being in the middle of the open ocean. I mean just down there, in the water, with no way or telling what’s around you. It’s horrifying to think that you’re still so vulnerable.

— oksweetiehavefun

11. This murder

The murder of a Japanese girl that was raped >400 times and beaten, then put into a barrel filled with concrete

— Big_Ol_Boy

12. Locked In Syndrome

Locked in syndrome aka pseudocoma.

While research shows the people are generally happy… I can’t imagine…

— 1AtomicMan

13. Gamma Ray Burst

Gamma Ray Burst. Won’t see it coming and it can boil the oceans away in seconds. All life down to bacteria die. Just from a beam of light.

— RazorRush

14. Child porn and torture porn

Child porn and torture porn. A BDSM fetish is one thing, but when it’s real or under aged it’s just awful. It’s a terrifying thought that you could be one of those victims. Also people pay to view such hideous things for their sexual amusement. Everything about that is just sick, and anyone who partakes in such a crime should face justice.

— Meeka-Kitty

15. “Dead man’s hand” systems

“Dead man’s hand” systems, which automatically launch a massive retaliatory nuclear strike if they detect a nuclear strike in their country. I’m not explaining it very well but it’s basically a system that can escalate the destructive whims of a psychotic head of state into a literal nuclear apocalypse.

— paraworldblue

16. Guinea worms

Guinea worms. You can pick them up by walking around barefoot in stagnant water. They grow to size in your abdomen and then move their way around your body until they feel like slowly burrowing through your skin. These things can get relatively big.

— Jack_Gorillacakes

17. Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer. It itches me just thinking about it.

— law00d

18. Carbon Monoxide

I’ve said this before in a similar post but; Carbon Monoxide. Silent and deadly.

— chrispettitt89

19. Crush Porn

Crush porn. I cannot understand why someone would willingly watch or especially create that, you must be a complete psychopath to even want to watch it.

To save anyone from googling it, its someone [usually women in stilettos] crushing baby animals (often kittens and puppies) with her heels.

— xthecollectorx

20. A giant underground volcano

A giant underground volcano under Yellowstone Park that if it erupts could destroy most of the Northern Hemisphere.

— WeirdoOtaku