If Your Life Feels Like A Hot Mess, Read This


Ever woke up and thought, “My life is a hot ass mess, fix it, Jesus!”

All of your problems bombarded you all at one time; you’re not producing at work, since you aren’t doing well at work you’re having financial problems, you’re confused about your career because of your ill performance at work and financial problems, which leads to lack of clarity in your life in general. Your moods been shitty so your boyfriend is mad at you, you just had to pay for multiple medical/tooth surgeries, your circle is going through a transitional period, you try and create new relationships and somehow even when you set time aside something comes up and you never have time (fucking growing pains).

The worst part about everything is; you can’t put your finger on what the root of the problem is, even if you know it’s you, your not sure what it is about you exactly. I mean you had some victories, right? Got a new place, just registered your piece of shit car, rid yourself of toxic relationships, maybe you even went back to school.

But everyone points out everything you’re doing wrong, your flaws, and the things you have yet to attain for yourself. So it feels like it’s all one epic shit show and your not sure how you can bounce back from it.

You are desperate to identify the problem, have solutions … answers … solid ways to combat your issues. I need you to know that I get it – the issues in your life you feel is the work of the devil (not literally but you get the point).

When you know you aren’t too secure emotionally, financially or physically it’s a pretty crappy feeling. You feel overwhelmed by your bad decisions, everyone else’s poor decisions that also affect you along with everything else you have going on; or you feel like everytime you THINK you have solved something everything gets worse. A new problem arises and you just want to know what you can do right now at this second to make everything stop and get easier. Everybody reacts, thinks, and feels differently, and how you choose to handle life’s chaos is a personal thing.

So, I have good news and bad news of course. The good news is you’re not fucking up as bad as you think you are and everything will get easier. The bad news is it’s not going to happen at a drop of a hat and no you can’t lay in bed all day smoking weed, eating yogurt and expect your problems to vanish. So here’s my advice (in no particular order) …

Take a step back and BREATHE. 

I know you’re probably reading this like, bih what, but you need to give yourself a break sometimes. Just sit somewhere quiet and just breathe, focus on your breathing. You’d be surprised how this exercise can improve your quality of life. Let your entire body be emerged by the deep appreciation for your life’s blessings. Allowing yourself to feel abundance will return you to a state that’s open to receiving new ideas and solutions. Meditating works.

Your attitude might suck, so fix it!

Rid your mind of all negative thinking. It sounds hard to some of you but it’s worth it! Feed the optimistic side of yourself so that side can be most prominent. Seriously, this will boost your mood and your motivation to do better. Because let’s face it being pessimistic all day all the day isn’t going to fix your problems.

Clean up your house and workspace. 

And I mean clean, not straighten, don’t make it look presentable do a DEEP CLEANING. Sloppiness suggests that your mind and life is cluttered. I’m not saying a clean house and desk means your life is in order but cleaning house just gets some productive juices going. Move things around if you need to.


Maybe you spread yourself too thin? Might be thinking about the wrong things and dealing with problems that aren’t even yours. Avoid predictive distractions, prioritize your life and tasks, because your dreams mean nothing if you don’t act on them. Start thinking of ways you can reach your goals. Should you go back to school? Get some new training? Reconnect with old friends or even make new ones. This is easy to do if you try.


Think of everything you have done that has made you happy from childhood until now. WRITE IT ALL DOWN. You’ll notice a list of things you don’t mind busting your ass for. Pay close attention to any and everything that makes you feel lively, you know when hours pass by and they only feel like minutes. Be mindful of those times so you can figure out how to feel the way you have more often.

Build yourself up – start with small changes and then do something that scares you

Try going to an art show or order something new for lunch. You will get used to the idea of doing new things. You’ll get used to change. And then, do something that scares the absolute CRAP out of you. You’ll find yourself living a fulfilling new life in no time.

Because when we feel like this it seems like we just have a lack of greater understanding of exactly where you are, what inspires you, and what you can do to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of.

When something bad happens; try to have a different outlook, a silver lining if you will be grateful that you woke up, and that you will have another shot at fixing what’s bothering you.

As long as you’re alive and breathing you can make it better. It probably won’t be perfect but it will be better. Realize that your life is not and never has been a total mess. It’s the way that you think that is making you feel like this. Everyone has their own path and their own purpose -stop thinking of things happening to you; but happening FOR YOU. Pay attention, your life offers you lessons daily.

Grow through it, rather than go through it.