If You’re Going To Run, Run Away From Average


If you’re going to run. Run away from average, run away from mediocre, run away from settling.

Run from the sad and painful stories that tell you that there’s no way out of this hell, run from the stories that feed you all the lies about why you can’t accomplish something amazing or how you’ll never find that old-fashioned romance you’ve been wishing for or how you’ll never be able to have the best of both worlds.

Run from those who inhibit your need to feel, your need to love, your need to dream and your need to smile.

Run from those who keep telling you that what you’re wishing for is impossible or won’t happen. Run from those who are unaware of your potential, of your greatness and what you’re truly capable of doing.

Run from all the toxic people who want you to join their misery club, run from all the people who judge you for what you do or what you love and run from all the people who don’t care about your soul and only see you as a body. Run away from those who do not understand you and those who make you feel invisible.

Run away from the pictures others painted for you or your life. Run away from how they portrayed you and what they thought you’d be. Run away from their strokes and brushes and run from the ones who keep putting timelines for you to achieve something or get married or be rich or whatever they think you should be doing.

The world is huge and full of like-minded people and I hate to see you stuck in all the wrong places with all the wrong ones. I hate to see you settling for an okay life when you can have a fantastic one. I hate to see you guarding your heart when it should jumping and flying and overflowing with love. I hate to see you live in prison when you can be free.

Run away from emptiness, from maybes, from almost relationships, from fake friendships, from limited mindsets and run away from your insecurities. The ones that are only intensified when you’re with people who don’t see anything more to you or the ones who fail to dig through your depth.

Run away from ‘not good enough.’ Run away from ‘I’m the problem.’ Run away from ‘it’s me.’

Run away from average and run after what makes you smile, what makes you shine, what makes you feel great, what makes you feel loved and appreciated.

Run after your calling, your passion and your tribe. Run after those who make you feel like you’re living a dream you don’t want to wake up from.  

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.