This Company Told A Woman She Had No Chance At Getting The Job Because She Wanted To Know How Much Money She’d Make


If you’ve had to job search recently, you probably know that the hiring process can be pretty brutal. Companies can find a lot of reasons not to give you even a second glance, but I’ve never heard anything quite like this business who cancelled a woman’s interview after she asked about compensation.

Taylor Byrnes, a woman from Winnipeg, applied for a company called SkipTheDishes and managed to make it to the second round of interviews. However, things changed quickly after she sent this email to the HR person.

Seems normal enough, right? I mean, it’s pretty important to know whether or not your wage will be livable or if you’ll have some sort of healthcare to rely on. But according to the company, this was just a sign that Byrnes wasn’t the right fit for the position.

People were pretty pissed at the company, for obvious reasons.

Of course, SkipTheDishes is now scrambling to clean up their mess.

The company has since reached out to Byrnes and offered her another interview. For some reason, I’ve got a feeling she won’t be taking them up on that offer.