I’ll Be Your Friend For Life


I am that friend.

Who will solely wake up at 2AM when you call, sobbing over the phone.
Reaching to you about a lot of things, mainly the reasons why you are that great kind of a human being.

I am that friend.

If you ever fall down in the river of depression and drown in the seamless stream of sorrow,
I am that one who will jump in it too and save you
One reason to stick with me is because I will go the distance to visit you when you’re aching
And hold your pretty face with my bare and warm hands and tell you straight in your eyes,
“You’re a virtuous creature.”

Let your tears fall down your cheeks,
Let your fears surface in our milieu
Let them get affrighted by your mystery
I will stay by your side, be your guide when your visions blur

Let us say you have betrayed me but was all in the past
I could abolish all bitter memories and still adhere to you if I see your transparency
The forgiveness of myself, the regrets of you
This is how to be a true friend
This is what we should be

The love I have for you is eternal
‘Till death do us part’ is not only for weddings
I’ll vow to you like a couple who will never grow apart
This is me, this is you, this is us.
Let’s be that friend who will hold promises to last.