Thank You For Making Me Feel Again


I’m a new soul and I have to thank you for that.

Thank you, for waking me up in a moment of folly.
Thank you, for reinforcing my moral values.
Thank you, for telling me the very things I ought to understand.
Thank you, for making my night and making me feel light.
Thank you, for your attention and utmost patience.
Thank you, for helping me understand myself.
Thank you, for the scars you left and the friendly fist fights we have.
Thank you, for the smiles and laughter.
Thank you, for serving me when I could barely speak due to the horrid cough.
Thank you, for wanting to pay for our popsicles.
Thank you, for the chill days out.
Thank you, for being a great listener.
Thank you, for allowing myself to trust someone all over again.
Thank you, for making me feel that I exist, that I am known.
Thank you, for placing your trust in me.
Thank you, for helping me move on with my life.
Thank you, for the walks and impromptu adventures.
Thank you, for ensuring I’m well equipped in Maple.
Thank you, for not walking out when you could’ve, when I was at my worst, most disappointing state.
Thank you, for understanding.

I could go on, twenty sentences came up, I’m sure twenty more will come. I met you, at a point in my life where I just felt like I had no one, I met the wonderful people that surrounded you all of whom had happy giving vibes, something in which I desperately wanted. But at that time, you hadn’t a clue nor did anyone else figured I was a troubled soul.

But here I am now, not as troubled as I once was, safe to say that I’ve been happier ever since that day, that night out on a spontaneous random adventure far from my home.

I had trouble, with my feelings, with my behaviour, with the lifestyle in which I was heading towards to drown my sorrows when it all began. But you and the people around me changed that, for I no longer wish to ever step on that path. Most importantly, you made me realize that there are bigger things to focus on, people worthy of my utmost care and love, people whom shouldn’t suffer just because I experienced a downfall. This year has been a bumpy ride, never mind that really.

Thank you for helping me through, thank you for making me feel.