I’m Glad You Didn’t Fight For Me


I was worth fighting for and, sadly, if you hadn’t known that already, I’m glad you didn’t.

I gave you everything I had. My love, my time, my attention and me being the hopeful I am, thought you deserved it all. You didn’t appreciate any of it.

I let you into my world, gave you one of the most important parts and you took that for granted. Now you’re just a memory I hate to remember.

When you tell someone you love them and that you’re all in that means through the complications and hard times. It means finding solutions for problems, not running from them.

You made me feel worthless and little and as if I wasn’t worth any of it to you and I’m glad. It all made me realize that it wasn’t me, YOU were the one who wasn’t worth my time.

Love isn’t perfect. Love gets difficult sometimes and there are rough patches you have to stick it out and work through it.

You never read books and articles and blogs of people talking about how easy love is because, well, they just don’t exist. Love is beautiful and complex and intricate, but it’s worth it all and I know it. Loving someone and being loved in return is one of the greatest gifts one can be given.

I gave you everything I thought you needed. I gave you space when you needed it, I gave you someone to lean on when you needed it, I listened when you needed it. I was so good to you and, to be honest, I’m starting to think, maybe, I was too good for you.

I loved you, hell, I still do, but I’ll get over it and I’ll move on to better things and I hope the same for you.