We Are The Cutest Couple


You’re my teammate. You’re my best friend. You’re my forever person.

You are the only one I want to see when I wake up in the morning. You are the only one I want to see before I fall asleep at night. You are the only one I want to see when I walk down the aisle.

You are everything to me. I love you more than I love myself.

I never knew I was capable of caring about someone as much as I care about you. I never thought relationships could be as strong as ours has become.

I always assumed I would spend the rest of my life alone, so even after all this time, it’s hard for me to believe I have found someone who fits me as well as you do.

We are the cutest couple. We make such good partners.

You can tell right away when something is bothering me. You always know what so say to cheer me up and calm me down. I swear, sometimes it’s like you can read my mind. You know me better than any of my friends do and it’s because you pay attention. Because you care.

Whenever we have fights, we find a way to resolve them. We don’t get nasty. We don’t say things we don’t mean. We continue to treat each other with respect. We make sure to come to a compromise. We fight fair and then we apologize. We own our shit. We make up instead of holding onto grudges. 

We never let stupid things get between us. We are open with each other. We tell each other the truth. We are honest even when it’s difficult. We communicate. We trust. We listen. We both put in an equal amount of effort into the relationship because we both care the same amount.

We are good together. We make sense together.

I get along with your friends. You get along with my friends. It’s the same with our families. Your parents consider me a daughter. Mine consider you a son. We aren’t married yet but we might as well be. We already act like we are because we both know we are going to be spending forever together. Neither of us are going anywhere.

We are both committed. We are both serious about making this relationship last. We are on the same page about our futures. There might be little things we disagree on but we will figure them out because the most important thing is that we’re together. That we have each other. 

Since I’ve met you, you have brought so much happiness into my world. I have grown so much lately and it’s because you were around to motivate me. You never let me give up on myself. You kept pushing me forward. You inspired me to believe in myself.

You are the love of my life. You are the person I want to spend every single day alongside. And I think it’s safe to say we are the cutest couple I have ever seen.