I’m In Love With Everything This World Has To Offer


I’m consumed by wanderlust. I want to explore the world and everything it has to offer. I want to be exposed to cultures that are different than my own. I want to meet people that change me. I’m in love with the idea of new chapters and fresh starts.

I’m in love with coffee shops in downtown Seattle. Sipping my coffee while I immerse myself in a new book that changes the way I view life. Pausing to watch the raindrops slide down the window. Realizing that this is where I was always meant to be.

I’m in love with pubs in downtown Boston. Learning about the simplicity of life. Making a new life for myself.

I’m in love with the new year in New York City. Watching the ball drop. Sharing happiness with complete strangers. Starting a new year in a city where dreams are made.

I’m in love with vibes of Los Angeles. The feel of confidence and utter brilliance. Living life unapologetically. The excitement as hard work pays off and dreams come true.

I’m in love with the ease of Colorado. How the days come easy and life seems to slow down. Everything seems so undeniably right.

I’m in love with the Oregon coast. The breathtaking beauty. The way it’s always felt like home even though I’ve never been there.

I’m in love with beaches of Hawaii. How surfing takes you to a place that you can’t describe. Thinking that in this moment, nothing else matters. Lost in paradise.

I’m in love with every city in Europe. The stories that everyone has to tell. The beauty in the unknown. Discovering new parts of myself.

I’m in love with Sydney, Australia. How it’s so far away from reality. How it has the ability and the beauty to change who I thought you was.

I’m in love with any place that makes me feel alive. I’m in love the idea that I have so much left to experience.