I’m Not A Soldier, But I’ll Be Fighting For You On The Front Line


I’m not a soldier, but I’ll be fighting for you on the front line

In military terminology, a front line is the position closest to the area of conflict of an armed forces personnel and equipment. It is the area where the armies are engaged in conflict.

It is there that you face the enemy. And while I will never be a military soldier (because let’s face it, I wouldn’t put national security at risk) I will be there fighting on the front line. 

I may not be holding a bazooka (again, for security reasons) but I will be there by your side ready for battle. I will be there, using my limited boxing skills to fight anyone mistreating you. Using everything in my power to break the cyclical nature of insensitivity with words of encouragement.

I may not be wearing a helmet (mostly because my frizzy hair wouldn’t be able to handle it) but I will be holding a broomstick just in case someone decides to break my wings. Like Grace said, women are flexible like that.

I may not be wearing army gear, or know how to read your mind like a Billboard sign (unless I develop psychic abilities) but I will be pumping up those endorphins by making you laugh.

Because laughing isn’t for the weak; it’s for the strong. And whether it’s being my natural clumsy self or someone else’s punchline, laughter will always be my ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

I may not be the strongest soldier, but I will use positivity as a lantern to create light in moments of darkness.

I may not be the bravest soldier, but I will be courageous when you need me to. I will be there, on the front line, with the only two men in this universe that truly understand women – Ben & Jerry, obviously – at the end of a rough day with an old-school movie ready to play.

For the people you love, there is no telling what magical powers hides behind your cape.

Because of the army that surrounds you, the army that is your backbone, there is no telling what you can accomplish.

Because of them, I will be fighting on the front line, not in the absence of fear, but in the mastery of it.

Because I will be there on the front line, standing tall and proud, ready to fight for the people I love. Just like they would fight for me.