This Is Why You Should Think Twice Before Swiping Left


Let’s face some facts, shall we? Life as we know it is a series of calculated risks – leading to nothing more than a case of insomnia and overthinking.

Everything you decide to do has a margin of risk. No outcome is ever certain, no success is ever guaranteed and therefore, any attempt at anything has a chance of complete failure.

So, why are we so quick to swipe left?

And of course, I’m talking about our favorite topic of all, love.

They say the line between love and hate is so blurry you could hardly see it. The ultimate paradox, yet so close to one another you can feel them simultaneously. And it’s exactly what we all feel about online dating, with our fingers running marathons swiping more left than right.

I mean, everyone is doing it, right? 

Yet in a world where rejections are as easy as swiping left and judging a book by its cover has become our go-to guide in the modern dating world, have we ever stopped to wonder if there is more than meets the eye?

Generation-Y seems to be the first generation moving away from conventional takes on romantic, loving relationships. A fact my dear mother, a matchmaker herself, reminds me of every single day. Our guard is up, expectations high, and running away in the midst of drama has never been easier as the next best thing is just at your fingertip’s reach.

We don’t look beneath the surface. The past, the skeletons, the heartaches, the triumph, the emotional scars, the stories in this virtual person’s book. I have heard countless of times, not to mention read, why the modern dating world absolutely sucks and finding a match, even online, has become the equivalent of finding a unicorn.

So, let’s dive into the alternative scenario, the one where you go with the flow and have a good time.

The one where you take a chance.

The one where you swipe right.

The one where you didn’t expect anything, which is exactly the reason you’ll end up enjoying yourself.

Had you swiped left, where would you have been? Had you not taken that chance, would you have regretted it? In a world filled with anxiety and uncertainty, how incredible would it be to take a breath and a leap of faith?

To swipe, for once, right rather than left. Granted, more often than not you’ll end up falling face down, but at least you tried. 

Perfection does not exist. I am sorry to be the buzzkill, but better you hear it now than later. Never has been, never will be, and yet, we are all looking for that perfect individual.

The grass always seems greener on the other side. But who the hell told you to look for greener grass? 

So maybe modern dating is really the devil, but it’s the only one we’ve got, so we may as well make the most of it and swipe right.

Take that chance, and you may just end up being pleasantly surprised.