I’m Not Signing Up For Fight Or Flight Love Anymore


He’s going to be a quiet man
and maybe he won’t be quiet
but it
will be quiet
the it
when he walks in through the door
with no dance
no fuss
no flight
it will be quiet when we choose that we are who we wish to choose
it will be quiet at night
and in the mornings
because there won’t be this tremendous push and pull
this game
I’m not signing up for fight or flight love anymore
I’m going to sit here and wait for a quiet love to walk straight in my door
straight in
not through the back
or the side
or the window
I’m going to see him coming
in the warmth of his hands
the vulnerability of his heart
the sturdiness of his spirit
he’s going to walk straight through that door
and I’m just going to look up and smile
because I’ve already chosen him
and I knew he was coming
right for me.