Stop Searching For The Bad And Remember There Is Good


It’s easier to see the bad in people.

It’s easier to hurt someone before they hurt you.

It’s easier to see the darkness.

But, if you only looked at the darkness, you would never see the the stars.

Although an escape of self-sabotage is easier than facing the wrath of reality, there is no beauty in this vindictive world. Although it’s easier to see the bad in a person, rather than to search for the good, tunnel vision is toxic.

Don’t be blinded by the darkness. It will slowly, but surely eat you alive.

It’s human nature to see only what you want to see.

To believe only what you want to believe.

To look at everything for what it isn’t rather than what it is.

To see only black and white.

We do this because it’s comforting. It’s comforting to believe our version of the truth and not the real truth. It’s comforting to push people away rather than reveal the real you: insecurities, vulnerables, the real you. A safe haven of fabricated realities is comforting.

But, it’s a destructive quality. It leads to missed opportunities. Missed friendships and relationships.

The fear of failure contributes to this characteristic. A fear of struggle and suffering. A fear of not being good enough. Of never being good enough.

But, if you never struggled, you would never realize how much you wanted what you wanted. If you never suffered, you’ll soon realized you have not lived in the real world. If you only saw the bad in people. If you only saw people for the pain others inflicted on you, you would never see their potential. And if you only lived in a confined universe of distrust, slowly you would lose yourself questioning the authenticity of the people around you.

No matter how hard it might be, no matter how hard it is- choose to see the good. Look for the lighthouse on the dimmed sea horizon. Search for the stars under a bed of darkness. Take his hand. Let him show you the world. The good. His good.

Though the sun will eventually set, and the darkness will emerge from the core of the world. It is temporary. The sun will always rise again. Allow pixelated images of color to corrode your black and white vision.

The bad is a part of life. And as much as you only want to see the bad.

Remember that there is so much good in the good.

The light is nourishing. Allow beams of light to shine on your face.