In 2017 I Hope That You Finally, Truly Live


Maybe for you it has been a soul-sucking year.

Maybe you’re one of the people who feels lost in time, you feel that there’s no progress and that you are stuck. Everyone seems to be moving forward and you’re just there in the same place for a very long time. And deep down you are trying to lift those heavy feet to take steps, one at a time, because no one wants to be left behind, no one wants to be left out and forgotten. You want to keep up but somehow you are so far behind, and the steps become heavier and heavier and now you’re back in the state where you cannot move even an inch.

But in this new start, I hope the unceasing thoughts of giving up leave your mind. I hope you find something that is worth living for, and I hope with all my heart that you never lose it. Leave behind that tiny voice who relentlessly tells you that you cannot make it, that everyone deserves the whole universe and that you are nothing but a spec of dust that is unworthy of anything. That tiny voice is a liar and deserves no space in this next new year of yours.

I hope you leave behind everything that’s destroying your peace of mind. I hope you remember who you were before sadness took over your system, before it resided inside your heart. I hope you remember who you were before you started disguising your misery with your fake happiness, back when you were real with your emotions, back when you were brave. I hope that instead of losing yourself, you finally find what you’ve been missing all along and get lost with all the things that make you feel free.

I hope that in the next year, if there’s a time you think no one notices your concealed battle scars, know that I do. And if you start to think no one feels the emptiness consuming you, I have. As you read this, know that I wrote this with you on my mind and that I see you, but I’m not judging you because I’ve been there and I completely understand. I’m not judging you because I’m here and I care.

This is another part of our story ending, and I still hope to see you on the next chapter, happy. Let it be a time where you heal, a time where you finally, truly live.