In Times Of Tragedy, We Must Hold Onto Love


My heart sinks into my stomach. Tears stream down my face. I had put up a wall to block out the cries, the sorrow, the heartache. It’s been a few days since news broke, and I finally let it all seep through me. The gut wrenching pain overtakes me. I am at a loss of words. I imagine what it was like to be there that night. I feel it in my core, with every bone, every muscle, deep in my heart. I feel the pain.

My city.

The city I grew up in, the city I call home. The city that kept me safe, the city that holds my innocence. My city is in pain. My city is mourning. And I am hundreds of miles away.
I mourn too.

I want to scream. I want to wake myself up from what seems like a terrible nightmare. How could this happen? How is this our reality? Then, I realize the super power I have. The thing no one can take away from me. The thing that brought you and I into this world. The thing that has no bounds. The thing that connects us all. The thing that no amount of corruption, evil, or hate can take away, I have. And you do too.

We have love.

Love is bringing together people from all corners of this world. Today, it brings us with heavy hearts and tear-stained faces. But it unites us. It empowers us. It fills light in the darkest room. Love drowns out all of the evil. It is a super power we each can take with us into the darkness. Our love together, makes a difference. Our collective love ensures that the souls that were taken from us too early, were not taken in vain.

When there is love, there is no fear.

I’m not afraid. I have my super power with me. I know you do too. I know that together, we are stronger than anyone who decides to fill themselves with hate.

Your super power is stronger than you know.

Love more. Love the people that surround you, your friends, your family. Love your neighbors. Love yourself.

Never. Stop. Loving.

Today, I choose love. Every day, I choose love. I lift my heart out of my gut and channel all of the pain, the sadness, the heartache into love.

I send love to the victims, their families and loved ones, and to my city, the city beautiful.