This Is For The Girls Who Aren’t Afraid To Be Vulnerable


Vulnerability is a beautiful thing. It’s stepping outside your own mind, outside your fears, outside the stupid, society-imposed rules, outside the expectations of who you’re supposed to be and how you’re supposed to act, and being true to what you actually feel.

It’s fearlessly speaking what’s on your mind, what’s on your heart, what’s spinning around in your body, and what emotions are bubbling up beneath the surface of your smile.

Vulnerability is letting someone in, while simultaneously letting go of the ridiculous idea that leaning on someone else makes you weak.

Vulnerability is keeping your independence and your strength as a female, but not being afraid to acknowledge how you feel about another person, how you feel about love.

Being vulnerable is being brave.

So I want you to know something, all you wonderful, vulnerable women: You have nothing to be ashamed about.

The women you are, the women who talk about their feelings, who open their hearts to others, who don’t fear love—they are incredible. And each of you should be so proud.

You should be proud of your thick skin, yet your gentle soul.
Your ability to be both tender and strong, open and unguarded.

Never feel like you are a weak woman, because only a self-assured and confident woman can be vulnerable.

And even when you fear that the whole world knows too much, or that you’ve revealed your deepest secrets, or that you’ve given away a huge chunk of yourself only to be broken again—close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let go. This is the beauty of vulnerability. It’s standing on the edge of a cliff with the definite possibility of falling, but giving away your heart anyways, because there’s an even bigger chance of the wind grabbing ahold of you, and you learning to fly.

It’s terrifying to be a vulnerable woman.

To show people the inner pieces of your heart and hope they take care of them. To be true to your feelings in the deepest, most honest ways.

You get hurt sometimes when you’re a vulnerable woman.
You feel lost sometimes when you’re a vulnerable woman.

But you connect with the people around you—connect minds, connect hearts, connect souls.

You become closer to people you meet, people you love, people you date. You learn to seek what you want and not be afraid to say your desires out loud. You chase things you believe in. You put your emotions on the line and you sort through people who don’t understand you, as you continue on the path to find the one who does.

The one whose love and vulnerability matches your own.

I promise there’s someone out there who will see your vulnerability and praise it, who will understand the strength it takes to be true to yourself in a world that tries to desperately to keep us safe, sheltered, guarded.

You are an incredible woman because even in the confusion of this life, you keep trying to find others like you, to find yourself.

And even on the hardest days, even when you feel empty and that your feelings are poured out on the concrete and dried in the sun—You are not alone.

Find a way back to yourself, to your heart again.
And start all over.

Because being a vulnerable woman is the strongest type of woman you can be.