It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard, Loving You


I want to strip everything down.
I want our soles to be naked, staring each other in the eyes.

I want to look beyond the surface, beyond the cracks and imperfections of our physical bodies and see each other for who we are—beautifully broken people bending, falling, leaning, learning. Becoming connected through the electricity in our fingertips and the pounding in our chests.

I want to reach beyond the fears, beyond the past pain, beyond all the things that have hurt us so we can stop worrying about the ‘what ifs’ and just live. Live together.

I want to forget all the misconceptions about love, all the barriers, all the ways it can fail and believe that it won’t.

It doesn’t have to be so hard, loving you.

It’s really just simple glances and gentle touches, long talks that open our hearts and laughter that eases into our wounds, showing us how to heal. It’s really just trust—letting me hold your hand, letting me show you my heart, my life, my world. It’s really just seeing me for who I am and smiling at the beauty, the power of our hearts learning how to beat together.

It doesn’t have to be expectations and fears, worries and judgments. It doesn’t have to be labels and misunderstandings, rigidity and rules.

Love can simply be what it is—two people believing in a force stronger than themselves—and saying, ‘yes, I’m in.’

I’m tired of tip-toeing. I’m tired of being scared of what to say, and if I’ll say it wrong. I’m tired of comparing you to my past and trying to make sense of us. I’m tired of wondering if you’re doing the same thing.

See, love shouldn’t have to be this hard. It shouldn’t be baggage that we’re dragging from the past; it shouldn’t be all the words we haven’t said, biting on our tongues.

We should speak, laugh, smile, lean in without hesitations. Love should be easy—falling, letting go. It should be all our worries cast aside and our faces turned towards one another, open and vulnerable.

It doesn’t have to be hard.

So I’m done with expectations and rules. I’m done worrying whether or not you’ll be like the men of my past or if I should be afraid. This is you. This is me. This is us becoming beautiful. And I’m walking in fearless and flawed, ready to love you with all that I am. And hoping that you’ll do the same.