We Are Dumb People With Smart Phones


In this day in age, it’s hard to enjoy the right here, right now. It’s hard to enjoy your surroundings, good times and those still small moments.

We are constantly on a rush of how to find that significant other, that vacation, that promotion or even that lifestyle.

Please, just relax.

Soak in this moment of life because before you know it, you’ll be somewhere else, wanting the exact same thing. Why can’t we just enjoy the moment fully, without snapchatting, instagraming or tweeting. Just authentically embrace the sound of the waves, the white beaches of that vacation and the heaps of friends you’re surrounded with at that lunch or the little shack that keeps you from sleeping on the streets at night.

Because let’s be honest, living in the US we have it so well compared to anyone else.

I understand we are the generation of social media but it’s becoming such an obsession, we don’t know how to do the simple things anymore or act casual because our safety is in social media, capturing the moment 90% of the time on a screen and 10% with that brain is capable of doing… still.

It makes me sick. Common sense is not common anymore; we are a bunch of dumb people with smart phones. Yes, social media has it’s pros but it’s all about moderation. So stop rushing to grow up, to get married, to drink legally or have that “perfect life” because that is what is portrayed in every newspaper, social media outlet and what that one person is telling us.

We all know deep down that every picture is worth a thousand words, so you truly don’t know what’s behind the photo that was posted.

Please, just stop.

Challenge your brain to focus on reality of real colors. Instead of dropping your IQ points by starring at a screen of fake color, embrace this colorful world we live in. Embrace that friend with the obnoxious laugh, enjoy that art piece of a meal, rock out with your socks out to that concert without any filters popping up.

Enjoy the simplicity… it’s still possible.