It’s Okay To Feel Lost, You’re Not Done Growing Yet


Just when you thought you had everything figured out, you will come to a point when you will be so down and wonder why you can’t seem to get life right all at once.

The truth is you can’t.

Change is inevitable and every day we are growing into the person we should be.

Have you experienced going into a room to get something and as soon as you are already there, you will forget the very reason why you even came in the first place? For me, that’s how life is.

At one moment you knew your strengths, your weaknesses and your worth, you knew where you are going and the next thing you know you’re lost.

You don’t know where the right path is anymore.

You’re not sure if you are still who you were before tragic events start to happen.

You will start to question if what you did or you will ever do has a purpose at all because everything starts to become irrelevant for you now and that’s okay.

It’s okay to not know whether this path will lead you to where your dream awaits or if that road will ever end you up with someone who will love you endlessly. It’s okay to live and not be sure of everything. It’s okay to lose your mind from time to time because if you ask me, I think it’s healthy to get out of your mind once in a while.

Remember, we are not done growing yet and we will never be done with it because every day we learn something new.

Getting lost is just another way of saying you’ll find your way again someday. So don’t give up just yet, the right path will only be right if you think and believe that it is.

Life is too short to have an itinerary of where you’re going next.

Get lost and enjoy being lost, you’ll learn a lot from it.