You Don’t Need A New Kind Of Love


Rather than finding someone new to love again, embrace the gaps in between your heart and acknowledge that you feel empty. Fill the hole with acceptance and feel okay if you find yourself wide awake until 3 AM.

Recognize the wounds and realize that they can’t be healed overnight. Let yourself bleed regrets until you know that he was just another lesson and not a puzzle that you need to be solved.

This time, believe that love shouldn’t make you feel like playing hide and seek as you are worth more than his mixed signal. Your heart is not a bet.

Recall the names of your loved ones and remember the last time you met them. Surround yourself with the people who never said “I told you” and thank them for being alive.

See your own worth from those who accept your mistakes and let them be your reminder to never run back to him again. Repeat in your mind that you will never gain happiness in the same place you’ve lost it.

Understand the meaning of loss through the lens of a new world that you create. Cut off those toxic people and make the best out of your life.

Find yourself in the eyes of those who pronounce their names to you for the first time. Gain your strength by pursuing your dreams harder than before and be proud of yourself that you survive with or without anyone’s presence.

Never kill the flower that grows inside of you for someone who doesn’t see the way it blooms.

Embrace the guilt as you knew that you made a mistake by trusting him and ignoring those red flags. Stop building homes within people and start to build one within yourself instead.

Don’t ever regret those miles you’ve walked just to meet him. Never apologize for being the one who loved the most and if you love again, don’t you ever stop to meet them halfway.

In this world full of chaos, let yourself be the soft rain. Let them take you for granted, but never let them take any parts of you away. You don’t have to follow the rhythm of the world, simply because you already are a complete universe.

Be your own medicine instead of fixing someone else. Realize that other people’s wounds are not your responsibility and don’t fall in love with the idea of someone.

Wait until you feel perfectly fine whenever you hear his name is being pronounce or seeing someone who looks exactly like him. Run back to those memories and rewind all the words that he said, but never ever call him again. Block him if it’s necessary and realize that sometimes, some people will never change.

Practice letting people go, but don’t force it to happen. Make them stay, but never beg. Feel the pain of the temporary and hold tight the uncertainty as you grow wiser by the way it breaks your heart.

Stop blaming yourself for being in love with the wrong person because your heart will never make any mistakes. Be brave to fall in and fall out of love with yourself over and over again, because loving someone else could wait.

Love the person whom you see in the mirror every morning with the kind of love which you gave to him. No, love her even better. Love her fearlessly. Love her endlessly.

Forgive her.