Like “White” Don Sterling, It’s Time For Barack Obama To Stand Up And Answer For His Race


Two days ago, Barack Obama became the first President since Lyndon Johnson in 1966 to visit the nation of Malaysia. While there he discussed trade and security issues with Najib Razak, the Muslim nation’s Prime Minister. Normally, press conference questions would have focused on the nature of the President’s historic visit, perhaps a few questions about the continued search for Malaysian Flight 370. But this day was different. This day notorious Jewish racist and likely Democrat Donald Sterling had been caught on tape doing his best to pretend his half Mexican, half Black girlfriend was a light skinned Latina. A difficult feat when she keeps repeating the fact.

Regardless, it was important that Obama answer any questions about Sterling’s behavior immediately but in typical Obama fashion he avoided any real substance on the issue and instead sought to deflect any attention away from himself.

Ridiculous, once again Barack Obama has avoided stepping up and taking responsibility for the actions of either himself or his people and I agree with him that sometimes it’s best to just let people with despicable beliefs talk their way into a corner. But what’s stunning here is the President’s silence on what is a legacy of poverty, violence, and drug abuse that is clearly generational and which Obama, as a member of this community, needs to step up and answer for. And I think you know just who I’m talking about. Yes, I’m talking about the disappointing legacy of those with a skin color similar to the President’s.

Public Housing And Disintegration Of The Family

In communities all across the country they can be seen loitering outside public housing, stumbling drunkenly down public streets, selling dope on the corner of big cities like Boston and New York City. And while I agree that poverty is partly to blame for the way these people try to make their money what we have at this point is a generational failure on the part of the federal government to address a community that frankly just might be genetically inferior. After all, these people have been given opportunity after opportunity. They use more food stamps than almost anyone. They mooch public housing away from others who might might take advantage of it more responsibly, and since they’re oftentimes from a religious background they have children out of wedlock at rates far higher than they can afford and, in doing so, dilute the gene pool of other, perhaps stronger, more deserving groups.

These people will sleep with anyone, and have, repeatedly. And with divorce rates nearing 50% it’s easy to see that they’re obsessed primarily with fleeting physical pleasure, that they have all the loyalty of an animal.

Drugs And Violence

Wherever these people have spread throughout the country, crime always accompanies them. Drugs, violence, prostitution, for generations, these people have taken advantage of the good will of hard working Americans. They squandered tax dollars society has set aside to civilize and rehabilitate them from their anti-social and deviant behaviors. But it’s all been for naught. Nothing has changed and they are ultimately a plague on any city in which they settle.

Is it that they simply refuse to do an honest day’s work? It’s true that not every group that came to America is equal. We see the results of that every day and the President being biracial as he is, is in a unique position to tell these people the truth. It’s not only a responsibility for him but a moral requirement. They’re not keeping up their end of the social contract and haven’t for hundreds of years. And even when the U.S. Congress passed an amendment to the Constitution post-Civil War which was designed to make them free they persisted thanklessly in engaging in exactly the same behaviors that made and makes them one of the most quietly despised and “tolerated” groups in the county.

Just General Inferiority

I’m tired of it. The whole country is tired of it and nearly eight years after being elected President in 2008, Obama has done nothing to call attention to the problems within his ethnic group. Can he not see it? Is that culture of drug abusing poverty so ingrained in even our President that he just stands idly by and says nothing even as his people cause untold misery?

It’s time for this to stop. When these people originally came to this country they were hated and segregated away from the rest of the population and maybe that was how it should have stayed. They were seen as only being fit for hard physical labor and maybe that’s all they’ll ever be good for. Over subsequent generations, while Americans sought to integrate them into the general population, nothing changed. And we should have seen this Presidential negligence coming since he’s made clear to the rest of America that his loyalties lay with one ethnic group despite all his promises about their being “one America.”

Behold, the greatest racist monster to ever live. I’m done. It’s time for Barack Obama to come out and take responsibility for the scourge that is the Irish American population in the US. Instead of answering meaningless questions from clueless journalists regarding the racism of one 80 year rich man he should be doing his best to answer for the centuries of crime, violence, and general decadence that the Irish American community, HIS community, has displayed at a pace that even today staggers the mind. He must answer for his race every time. No occurrence is too small to confront him with. Let their be no instance in which he is not peppered with questions regarding the plight of the Irish American. May he be forced to hold 24 hour long press conferences on St. Patrick’s Day and have to directly answer for the booming teen pregnancy rates among Appalachian teens and their insane lust for heroin. These are his people and it’s time for him to start answering.

Mr. President, I, for one, am waiting, you stinking sot.

image – YouTube