It’s Time For Me To Say Goodbye And Move On


The sunset fades.
The birds still sing.
The rhythm of my heart plays again and again.

Closed the sign says as I peer inside.
Everything’s been packed, packaged. It’s done.
Nostalgia washes me as the memories
play through the window,
but the keys in my hand. I’m ready to go.

For years been trapped in the crevices of my mind.
The ocean moves; the plants bloom,
The summers come and go…… I have been stuck in time.

Kaleidoscope lights play behind my eyes,
The final drum roll begins.
My roses have faded. I plant none in the spring;
There is winter within.

My purpose has been served.
Maybe I was a lesson to teach someone to love, to hate, to have faith.
The lights have faded, my eyes can no longer see.
I look outside at the sky so blue and I know a new beginning awaits.
My heart slows down. My fingers get cold.
But bravery is my forte…I step into the unknown.

I claim my love, my life, my heart.
I walk down a path so deep,
yet my tears are dry; no longer I weep.
I live to breathe. To love. To die with peace within.

I feel angels at my side telling me its ok.
And I breathe.
1.2.3. I breathe.
I breathe.
My glasses are gone; I see a whole new world.
And I live.

I grow stronger with each step I take.
God sent me an angel to open my eyes.
I am loved. Guided to a place where I can walk again.
My birds have flown off; into the beauty of the sunset.
But I don’t mourn. I am at peace.
I breathe.
I breathe.
I breathe.