Here Are Five Ways To Capture The Attention (And The Heart) Of A ‘Cool Girl’


Ever heard a girl referred to as “the Cool girl” by guys in awe? The girl who seems to have endless dates on a Saturday night but never seems to do anything to attract men, yet they always seem to seek her out? Let me define the Cool girl for you. A cool girl is a woman who knows her worth and doesn’t seek validation from anyone to be who she is. She pursues her goals and lives her life in a manner that makes her happy and it attracts men like flies. She is the girl who will not make a deal out of everything little thing, however if there is something worth discussing she will discuss it with her partner so her feelings can be known. She is the epitome of what most women wish they could be.
Here are 5 ways to capture the “elusive” cool girl and make her yours.

1. Know and accept that she has a life away from you and the relationship.

Cool girls are women who are in charge of their own lives and often march to the beat of their own drum. They neither depend on, nor crave a man to complete them. She will simply want him to compliment her already full and exciting life.

A cool girl knows she is the Crème de la Crème of the dating food chain when it comes to dating world. She will neither diminish nor lower her worth to obtain the attention of a man. She is confident despite any vulnerability she may have. She is expressive and speaks her mind with respect and courtesy to all and sundry.

Cool girls are often the girls at the party that every guy wants to know what it is about her due to her mysterious allure. Cool girls have no problem pursuing their own dreams, goals, hobbies and desires in order to live a live that will fulfill their purpose.

Girls like these NEVER drop their own lives to please or sustain a relationship. A Cool Girl will NEVER cancel a month planned date with her friends just because a suitor calls last minute. Her time is valuable and therefore she will be on top of it. You want her time? Book it.

Bring your own 100% to the relationship and watch her eyes light up at the thought of spending time with you.

2. There is often a demand for her hand.

Yup, it’s true. She doesn’t even have to be beautiful or Ivy-League. Men often stalk this girl to LOCK IT DOWN!!! This is the type of girl that attracts men everywhere she goes, even if she doesn’t speak. Men can sense her confidence and their wisdom will tell them there is just something different about this girl even though he may not be able to define it.

What can you do to beat the competition? Be a chivalrous gentleman, treat her with care and respect, communicate expressly and listen to her and show her that you are worth the chance of having her heart. Date her and show her another side of you. Bring you’re A-Game; otherwise you just might be beaten by someone who decided she’s simply worth the effort and they can’t let her pass him by.

3. Be an Alpha Male.

Women like men who are men. Not all men are Alpha males; however cool girls are attracted to men who know how to lead their own lives and are not afraid to be dominant. Not in a controlling matter but someone who knows how to take charge. That means being the boss of your own life. A man who is not afraid to be expressive but also leads. Discover new ways how to romance her and make her feel special. Make sure she feels adored and cared for. Pursue her and make her a part of your dream. Show her that you are the man for her.

4. She will often take a reasonable amount of space.

A cool girl will often take space to recharge just a man would, to regroup and refocus her priorities. She also has hobbies that she pursues which may or may not include you. Space for her is maybe a night with no phone calls while she thinks about her next venture.

She will not be clingy and upset if a day passes and you do not call or text her. (I know! Incredible right?) She is comfortable in the fact that you like her, she likes you and there is no need for unnecessary drama. She will give you all the time in the world for your boys, your projects and whatever you need space for while busy with her own projects. When you do spend time with her, it will be special and she will take that time to reconnect with you.

5. Be confident.

Be confident in who you are. Yes you may have doubts, insecurities and flaws, who doesn’t? But never change who you are for anyone. Just be you and watch what happens.

She will find your confidence sexy, and you may have to end up fighting to keep your clothes on because you being you has activated the tigress in her.