Ivanka Trump Just Got $100 Million From Saudi Arabia


Ivanka Trump, First Daughter & assistant to President Trump, was just promised $100 million from Saudi Arabia & the United Arab Emirates for her proposed Women Entrepreneurs Fund.

Wait, what? Didn’t Donald Trump bash the Clinton Foundation for accepting donations from Saudi Arabia, a country he once claimed “pushes gays off buildings” and “kills women and treats women horribly”? Didn’t Donald Trump press Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate to “give back the money” the Clinton Foundation accepted from “certain countries that treat certain groups of people so horribly”?

Yeah. All of that happened. Donald Trump also once condemned Former First Lady Michelle Obama for not wearing a head scarf during a trip to Saudi Arabia. This week, the world watched as First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump also chose to forgo head scarves… which is totally their choice but the hypocrisy is intense this week.

One of Donald Trump’s most intense criticisms of Hillary Clinton was of her work with the Clinton Foundation. Trump once called it a “criminal enterprise” after noting the foundation had accepted $25 million from Saudi Arabia.

Fast forward to the first foreign trip of his presidency and his daughter (and official assistant!) is accepting $100 million from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. How many more things can Donald Trump judge other politicians for then replicate himself? Stay tuned.