PSA: Prince Charming Doesn’t Exist


It breaks my heart to see so many girls sitting around making checklists of what they desire in a man like they’re about to go to the grocery store and pick up all the said ingredients to bake the perfect boyfriend.

I can’t help but think that these checklists are full of qualities and attributes that convey what the girl is missing inside herself.

Confidence, happiness, interests, personality traits that you desire in your life should be manufactured within yourself, not others.

Many of these lists are extremely superficial.

Some girls want a someone to buy them shoes and diamonds. Some girls want a tall dark and handsome man to make her feel proud of her life. These girls are not seeking love, they are seeking a lifestyle, in a person and an image of how the rest of the world perceives them.

What an unhealthy way to think and live.

Then there are the ladies that are saving their happiness for when they are in love, not realizing that the key to happiness lies within yourself and happy people attract happy people.

So she continues to be unhappy. Now, stop for a moment and think, who is attracted to an unhappy person. Nobody.

This is the harsh reality, as mean as it sounds.

Then we have the other boxes of females who are convinced that they will get healthy, lose weight, change their life, travel and have more zest for life when they meet this imaginary man, that does not exist.

This is the lazy girl’s way to live life.

Daydreaming your days away, gazing out of a window waiting for someone to come with chocolate in one hand and red roses in the other to save you from yourself, is so boring. Not to mention unhealthy and self-sabotaging.

Fairytales exist in movies and books for kids, to develop imagination and role play.

But, now you’re an adult and you should know that hobbit holes and yellow brick roads aren’t real, neither is Hercules.

Take responsibility for yourself. You are single, which means you are independent. Therefore you are in control of your happiness and your life goals.

Find interests and hobbies to fill your days. There are so many lost souls drifting around aimlessly without a purpose because they’re living in a fantasy world. Someone promised them diamonds and a white wedding 25 years ago and they can’t understand why they don’t have it yet. Life is hard but doesn’t make it harder by buying into this falsehood of fairytales and romantic fantasies.

The perfect man doesn’t exist. However, there is an overflow of good, honest kind men of value everywhere.

Don’t miss out on meeting him because you have closed yourself off and dedicated yourself to a checklist. Another thing I will say if you want anything, you should buy them yourself.

Take back your power and use it.

As soon as you go outside of yourself in search for approval, material items, validation etc, you instantly reject yourself.

You must learn how to be single and independent before you commit yourself to a relationship.

When you are fulfilled and happy with who you are, you won’t worry about controlling your future boyfriend’s personality and life, because your confidence and clarity will give you the wisdom to know that he is right for you without needing to tick a checklist. Nobody will ever love you the way you want and expect, but they will love you all the same.