I’ve Seen Your Rainbows, Now Let Me See Your Storm


I’ve seen your brilliance — your mind so full of kindness, joy, and magic. I’ve heard you speak of things you love with so much passion it’s almost ridiculous. I’ve felt your desire to change the world and do whatever it takes to make a difference, even when it means giving more than what you can get. I am in awe of you.

You are a rainbow, but every rainbow shows up after a storm. And I am ready to see your storm.

Tell me everything. But not the things you tell everyone else. I don’t want the bright and the comfortable. I don’t want the calm or the colorful. I don’t wanna hear the things you are so used to saying to make the people around you feel good, if not better. I’ve heard all of them.

What are you really thinking? Feeling?

What twisted impulses are you desperately trying to ignore right this very moment? What sinister thoughts are you trying to shut down right now? Tell me, what’s running in your head whenever I catch you staring at nothing?

What keeps you up all night? And what wakes you up gasping for air in the wee hours? What makes you want to just sleep and leave your reality for even just a little bit?

Tell me about the very first person who cut your heart so bad you never thought you’d survive it. Tell me about your regrets and why you regret them. What would you have done instead?

Tell me about the scars you still try to hide through your beautiful laughs and white lies. Tell me about the wicked thoughts you almost acted on because you’re tired of everything and everyone putting your kindness to the test, taking advantage of your beautiful soul.

Let me into your raging storm.

Let me into your pain and I’ll weep with you if I have to. Let me into your battles and I’ll fight with you if you need me to. Let me int0 your defeat and I’ll mourn with you if you want me to. Let me int0 your world that no one knows exists — the world filled with darkness, and fear, lust, even rage. Let me into a world where you’re alone and broken and barely hanging on and I will hang on with you. Let me into the part of you where you keep your deepest, darkest secrets and I’ll take care of them for you.

I’ll be the cage where you can place all your demons on a leash. I’m not scared of them. We all have them. We bury them so deep we forget we’re just like those ticking time bombs that’ll implode the moment everything gets too much. And we all need a safe place where we can set them free for a little bit so we’re able to breathe and find a way to start over.

And all I’m saying is I can be your safe place if you let me in.