Just Because It Ended Doesn’t Mean It Wasn’t Successful


We have this preconceived theory that when things end and come to a close, it’s synonymous with failure. It’s like we think if we cannot keep everything afloat at all times, we somehow didn’t succeed. We don’t take into consideration that everything actually does indeed come to an end. 

I was having tea with my dear friend the other day and we were talking about relationships, breakups, and the peace that happens after the pain. “Just because the relationship ended doesn’t mean it wasn’t a success,” she said.

Just because the relationship ended doesn’t mean it wasn’t a successful one.

This is such a free and pivotal space to think from because it allows us to subconsciously hold gratitude in our hearts for something that hurt us while simultaneously holding no actual real ties to it. We are not held captivate of anything when we can see purpose in it; in fact, we are actually free from it.

It’s important that we recognize our teachers when we’ve been taught everything we need to know, every single thing that was exactly for us to learn. It’s necessary to reflect and find the meaning in every single thing that caused us pain, even if we don’t think it serves any purpose.

Things can end and still be the very things that built us, the things that posed as stepping stones to the exact world we were meant to create for ourselves. Things can end and still be what gave us love, what fueled the light inside of us for many chapters of our life. Everything comes to a close, amicably or unwillingly—it just does.

So please remember this: Endings are not synonymous with failure. In fact, most of the time they are our lifetime receipt to our most rich successes.